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Exclusive retail typefaces of Typerepublic are made in Barcelona. The credo of Andreu Balius:
“Typography is a powerful tool for communication, as an expression of language an a cultural asset to serve the user experience!”. Clients include: Seat/Volkswagen group, Acciona, Victoria’s Secret, Summa Brand consultants, InterBrand, Saffron, University of La Rioja, Gobierno de La Rioja, Arte tv, Vogue, RBA, King, Proximus, Ferrovial, Signes.

Positive Impact Through TypeDesign.

Typerepublic offers custom font design that responds to customer needs and identity requirements. It offers any type design solutions, from desktop to web fonts. In lively exchange with colleagues from Portugal (Antero F.), United Kingdom, Germany,…

European Design Awards:

SuperVeloz Centenary Collection,
a tribute to Designer Joan Trochut (1920-1980).

Aloma type family,
inspired by the novella “Aloma” written by Catalan writer Mercè Rodoreda (1938).

A new Typeface is born: Raval!

With a funky approach, Raval is a script typeface intended for display sizes that transforms your text with a unique informal and yet regular texture.

Initially inspired by the brush lettering models from the fifties and sixties, it can perfectly fit with music from that era. The spontaneous design of ‘Raval’ is mainly a homage to the vitality and rhythm (a.k.a. Ravalejar) of one of the most important neighbourhoods in Barcelona.

Designed by Ricard Garcia, 2019–2020.

Feel it: Groundbeat.

A display type family that revives the essence of suburbs and evokes the slowed down and breakbeat melodies from the 90s. Groundbeat is both melancholic and atmospherical.

Designed by Andreu Balius and Ricard Garcia, 2019–2020.

Workshop on modular Type

ESAD MATOSINHOS (College of Art and Design) located in the City of Porto (Portugal).
Modularity as a way to reduce complex systems into more flexible ones.
The workshop aimed students to create their own modular systems in order to design a typeface to be used to celebrate the Bauhaus 100 years in a poster.

Case Studies

Pradell, Groundbeat, Barna, Rioja, Raval — every typeface tells a story.


Typography is omnipresent — at walls, on mobile phones, in newspapers, in books, on TV. You are in touch with typefaces 24/7.

Special skills for special typefaces

High professional type design made by Typerepublic an independent type foundry
based in Barcelona dedicated to the design and distribution of digital fonts.
Founder and principal designer Andreu Balius has experienced type design since the late 1980’s.

Andreu Balius
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