Cécile Chavepayre ARTE

When asked why typography is an important detail of any visual identity and why the BARNA typeface suits ARTE, creative director Cécile Chavepayre answers as follows:

“Looking for a new concept to relaunch the graphic
identity of on air and online I made the decision to hire the renowned British agency SUPERUNION. The designers in charge, S. Radford and G. Haig, created the so-called culture magnet (arte tv logo) which interacts perfectly with BARNA STENCIL, a typeface designed by the Spanish type designer Andreu Balius of (typerepublic).

„Looking back the last years we are happy to see that BARNA supports the contemporary communication ARTE with great efficiency and relevance. Perfectly.”

Stuart Radford

Typography as the basis for a distinctive identity. On the basis of which criteria was the stencil font BARNA selected for “Europe’s cultural magnet”?

“‘Europe’s culture magnet’ was the idea at the heart of our rebrand for Arte. The visual identity saw the Arte logo become the magnet. Stings and idents featured various subject matter being pulled towards the magnetic logo.

When it came to choosing a typeface for the new identity, we searched for a simple and modern stencil font that we could deconstruct and use the magnet to pull together
the letterforms to create words and messages – Barna Stencil was the perfect typeface
and it became a distinctive asset for the brand.”

Stuart Radford, Executive Creative Director at Superunion, London.


Barna Stencil Typeface

Type design: Andreu Balius.

Barna Stencil & Rough is a type family intended mainly for Display purposes. It has been designed to work together with Barna family. The stencil strong character provides a urban feeling to the whole family. Barna Stencil & Rough are also available in different font formats for the web.

Barna Type Family

Mediterranean functionality for technical literature contents. Type design: Andreu Balius.

Barna is a type family intended for long running reading texts. Its simple andrational flavour makes it appropiate for technical literature contents. Barna family includes a large stylistic set of variants (Barna Stencil and Barna Stencil Rough) that provides a urban feeling to the family.


Font formats: OpenType format for desktop publishing and Webfont format for screen rendering.

Barna type family

Barna stencil is the gang member within the Barna type family. Stencilled designed it is like an outburst on the wall that calls you and forces you to look. Visually consistent and graphically exciting with Barna. It comes with a condensed version specially designed for those occasions when space is a scarce commodity.

Designed: Andreu Balius, 2010–2011.

Workhorse typeface

Barna is a typeface intended for long running reading text. Its simple and rational flavour makes it appropriate for technical literature contents. Barna family includes a large stylistic set of variants, including condensed weights and a stenciled display style (Barna Stencil) that provides a urban feeling to the family. Barna family is conceived as a ‘workhorse typeface’, flexible and versatile in style and function, with a complete range of styles and glyphs – from small caps to old style figures – in order to fulfil all needs and text requirements.


Fonts in use:
Barna Stencil Condensed Bold, Marina Port Vell.